Thursday, January 1, 2009


As our DNA reconfigures over the next few years, certain abilities latent in all of us shall present themselves. Telepathy is one such ability. Thought, like eletro-magnetic waves can propagate over vast distances, via a spectrum not yet known to man. But for this to happen one's DNA must unlock and create the appropriate receptors in the brain to receive such communications. The trick then is to be able to control it. Again meditation and intention are key.
Andromedans have mastered this for quite some time now. Communication is in many ways more efficient, while abstract ideas can be conveyed more effectively. Images, ideas and feelings are used to represent information more often than words alone.


  1. Telepathy is now readily available, and it is a wonderful thing to make use of. No need to control eh, simply allow. the heart has no need for control, ever. An image is worth a million words.