Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Human Nature

The fighting in the Gaza strip is an example of how human beings as a race find arbitrary reasons to kill each other. In this case the reason is a set of religious beliefs determined by man himself. Sadly, even if this construct were to not exist, mankind would simply find a new way to divide themselves. Instead it would be far more productive to find ways to unify people with a common positive goal. People would subsequently lead more fulfilling lives and experiance less pain and suffering both on an individual level and as a race.

1 comment:

  1. I agree, to an extent... Hu-Man kind has been led astray. Although they should look deeper within themselves & find the truth, when people think they have found truth (by brainwashing & manipulation) & are working toward a goal; seeing results and being told it is success, they feel that they are doing what is right & neccessary... I would only hope that there are enough truly enlightened beings in the universe to find a way to join together those that are truly free of sociological & governmental restraints (mentally & emotionally) so that a new era/society can begin & focus on ever developing & have no limits on one's capabilities.