Saturday, December 27, 2008


A great deal of speculation exists concerning this year and the date December 21st. David Wilcock and several others comment on this year. The Andromedan Council considers this a significant year of change, but cannot decidedly say if climate change and pole shifts are imminent. One can simply be prepared. The change expected is really an internal one related to the consciousness of mankind and its place here in the universe. The point is to live proactively and to make the most out of life. Letting go of negativity and adopting a more positive outlook will make this transition a healthy one.
For those of you expecting some form of global catastrophe in the form of floods and earthquakes, the safest regions are high above sea level. An altitude of 6,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level should suffice. In any case, it is an internal resolution that must take place irrespective of one's geographic location.


  1. I honestly believe that the governmen is responsible for the end of the world scares... I believe they put the info out like Nuclear Holocaust, Y2K, 2012, to cause an overwhelming amount of fear & anxiety to sweep the entire world, causing a spiritual deadening, harmonic imbalance, and ultimately ruining a chance for the people to turn things around... If you noticed once Y2K was ove they instituted more ways to monitor you in efforts to "keep out viruses", "update your computer for the new millenium", and other reasons... They gain more control through these "disasters" they convalute...

  2. I agree, it is highly probable that the government uses the 2012 scare as a means of controlling us. Since fear is really what keeps us from fully awakening and ascending. Well said.