Tuesday, December 30, 2008


An elder from the Council once said, "The love you withhold is the pain that you bare." This simple but profound sentence encompasses all that we as a race are doing wrong, or not doing at all. It means we must give to be happy and that by not giving we cause ourselves greater pain and anguish.


  1. This is truly a profound statement! I agree completely and have felt ths way for years, I just haven't articulated it in this manner. Thank you for the post!

  2. Hello to all holding a message of peace.
    I am a young scientist of many years of research and many yet to come. I am here to be thankful for all the bright and talented minds that are willing to make a difference. My life after watching alex collier's videos has never been the same. It is what sparked my quest for truth and set me along the right path. may you all be at one with the universe and be able to express the feelings of love. Hopefully we will see a change very soon. There is only one creator and may all the glory be to him.
    marijuana is the plant of the soul. dont let the media decieve you

  3. I am cry RIGHT NOW!

    I would love to see people standing on their feet with me and the whole world that look for love that brings peace. people that look outward for leadership have at that point made their mistake right there and then because leadership is in all, teach those who doubt or do'nt understand this concept. Leaders are everywhere, the understood leaderships are in truth mentors and nothing more. Never push ideas into one's mind if they do not ask for more from you after you initiate the idea of concept in the conversation, this alone is love.

    The Cannabis plant or Marijuanna plant is the opening to spiritual enlightenment, DO NOT listen to the media, they are manipulated by a counsil of beings(not human) that do NOT have the Terrans best interest in heart. we terrans must all see we need to stand up in small groups at a time, then that will spread into the point of a nation and then the world of this planet will revise it self for where we all desire it to be at LOVE and then all will find what we all have been crying for love at that time will be in the present time as i do see it coimg very soon, if we all verbally to be EVERY being of existance for this to spread into a speedy process. DO NOT WAIT, DO IT NOW! Daylight is better though. LoL